Epic V10L Kayaks

    Maintenance Usage Warranty

Prices From: £1820

Athelete Kg Range: <127kg

Kayak Length: 6.5m

Kayak Kg Range: 9.5-17kg

Activity Profile : Ocean Race | Quadrathlon | Adventure race

Stability: 3


Beam: 43.4CM

Cockpit :

Depth: 30.5cm

Hatches: No

Color Schemes :

Available Constructions: Value | Performance | Ultra | Elite


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The V10L is a lower volume V10, the hull is the same but the seating position is closer to the footwell meaning for people like me with short legs will find this more comfortable than the V10. This is also true of the lighter paddlers.

With the seating position in the skis being relatively low compared to a K1 you may want to try using much shorter paddles with smaller ends than you normally use. Try the Epic Mid Wing.

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Nelo Ocean Ski Viper 2
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