Its Goodnight From Me and its Goodnight From Him!

Goodnight from Me and its goodnight from him!

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New Nelo Skis

New Nelo Skis

A couple of months back the Nelo dealers were all invited to a dealer ... [read more]

What Erg for the winter???

Standard Erg and Slider compared.


For many years in the UK the ... [read more]

Cinco Test

Nelo Cinco Test


Since the Cinco has come out I have suffered way ... [read more]

Moving Forward

Lack of Confidence


Since I wrote this artice (I always sit on ... [read more]

Why do we do what we do?

Why do we do what we do?


A ... [read more]

Groundhog day!

Groundhog day!


Is it ... [read more]

Something Big is Happening!!

This weekend Waterside D will see another two records fall, both to the same crew, Keith Moule (Chelmsford) and Lizzi Broughton (Richmond) will break the mixed K2 ... [read more]

All Change!

 GB Canoeing have just posted their most recent article, which makes several exciting announcements. The headline is that they now have a purpose built ... [read more] kid on the block!!

The new V7


It has been a while in the planning but last weekend the Epic dealers were invited down to Tarifa to view, and try, the new V7 ski. Anyone familiar ... [read more]

Epic Dealer Conference 2014

An Epic weekend.


The ... [read more]

GB Canoeing Making Gains?

GB Canoeing "Making Gains"……?


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Olympics and equality

The Olympics and equality.


So we all know the news and have, to be fair, seen it coming for some time now. Women’s C1 has been introduced to the Olympic ... [read more]

GB Canoeing Musical Chairs


Performance Department Musical Chairs.
So the new cycle is upon us, into the past go the glories of last summer and plans are being ... [read more]

Youngest Chanel Crossing!

Many thanks to the team at Leaside Canoe Club who have just sent in this news snippett from their upcoming adventure.


A 13-year old girl from Enfield is set to ... [read more]

Surfski Tarifa


It is the end of November, the clocks went back a month ago and to add to the encroaching depression the temperatures are set to fall to around freezing by the weekend, ... [read more]

Olympics Day 6


Day 6 200m Finals.

Following on from the semi finals yesterday it genuinely looked like we had chances today for the elusive medals.

First up was Ed ... [read more]

Olympic Day 5


Day 5 200m Heats!

In 1994 the 200m races were introduced in preference to the old 10,000m to spice up our sport and appeal to the mass media. Two years ago we ... [read more]

Olympics Day 3


Olympics Day 3 Finals

Today was the turn of the Mens K1, Mens K2, C1 and Womens K4 500m.

First up was the Mens K1. In the qualifying rounds Van ... [read more]

Olympics Day 2

Olympics Day 2 Back for more today and it was the turn of the Mens K4 1000, C2 1000, Womens K1 500m and Womens K2 500m. The first part of the day was spent on the heats of all four events. ... [read more]

Duisburg World Cup 2

On to Duisburg from Poznan, all of our Olympic events were covered here plus a couple of events we had not qualified boats for.

The Mens K1 ... [read more]

Poznan World Cup 1

Following the races this weekend at World Cup 1, how do things stand for Team GB.

Mens K1 1000m, according to the official sites the dual between Tim ... [read more]

Build up to World Cup 2

So this is it, finally the decision as to which of our two best (and only two World class)men in the 1000m will be left at home will be made this weekend. In all probability the  tragedy ... [read more]

Olympic Qualification Regatta

Olympic Qualifiers!

This week saw Team GB travel to Poznan, Poland for the final qualifiers for the remaining Olympic spots.
From the outset the chances were slim as in most ... [read more]

Let the fun begin!!

Its been a while since my last piece on the site but with the new season about to kick off frustrations have already begun to surface and I am feeling the need to get a few thoughts put out ... [read more]

V12 Channel Crossing Record

Last Sunday Paul Wycherley, attempted to break the world record for crossing the English Channel.
Without years of ski ... [read more]

World Champs Report

World Champs 2011.

In the pathetic absence of a report in Canoe Focus I have decided to write my own report of (the way I saw) the 2011 World Champs pan out. We, the average paddlers, ... [read more]

DW Kit Choices
Ben Brown and I have for some unknown reason decided to have a shot at the 30 year old DW record this year. We both are aware that unless the conditions are very favourable in terms of flow on the ... [read more]

DW Kit trials

DW The beginnings

 I am an old hand now at racing, I know what I like and I know what I dont like when it comes to kit and equipment, DW though it seems brings its own requirements ... [read more]

DW International Canoe Race - 125 miles long

This years race is on the 22nd - 25th April
The Devizes to Westminster International Canoe Race is 125 miles long and has 77 portages.
It starts in Devizes, Wiltshire and finishes ... [read more]

Demo Boats arrived

We now have several demo boats available. Unfortunately due to abuse by some customers these boats are not available to take away but can be demoed at events or at Elmbridge Canoe ... [read more]

Devizes To Westminster
DW Kit Choices Ben Brown and I have for some unknown reason decided to have a shot at the 30 year old DW record this year. We both are aware that unless the conditions are very favourable in ... [read more]

Nelo Surf Ski

The Nelo Skis were first exposed to the Ski World at the Dubai Shamaal in December. Though they generated a lot of interest the paddlers using them were the flat water muppets so it was tough ... [read more]

New Ski delivery
The next batch of skis has just been collected. We have taken a large batch of entry level skis the V10Sports and also hold a range of V10 V10S and V12 skis.  With 25 skis in stock now is the ... [read more]

Viper K2
The New Nelo Viper K2 has just arrived! This is the perfect boat for those who enjoy their paddling but dont need the knife edge experience of the dedicated racing boats. All the Nelo quality is ... [read more]

Dubai Shamaal

Dec 2nd, National day in Dubai ses the 4th Dubai Shamaal race, a 25km surfski event held among the gilitz glamour and bad taste that is Dubai.

Last year this was my first venture into ... [read more]

Nelo Surfski

Today we took delivery of the first of many Nelo Surfskis. Nelo are new to the ski market but are certainly not new to testing their professionalism in a market that is not their traditional ... [read more]

Media Coverage

On Wednesday last week, as the Epic representative I was invited down to Bournemouth to meet Mike Bushell, known for his BBC Saturday morning sports show. Mike trys different sports and in ... [read more]

Performance Meltdown!

It emerged a few days ago that the highly regarded coach Joseph Capucek is due to resign from the “Program” and offer his services to Italy instead. From the outside we cannot ... [read more]

Marathon Nationals Report

So I was wrong about a few things in my race preamble.....for a start there were no Dutch in the men's races and a few people who I had down for keeping an eye out for raced in classes other ... [read more]

South Coast Surfski Event

Last weekend saw the final event in this years surfski series. Sponsored by Icon Surfskis this is a great series with the highlight this year being the well run event in great conditions down ... [read more]

Marathon Worlds (From Back home)

Unfortunately I was not able to make it out to the Worlds held in Crestuma, Portugal. By all accounts it sounds like I missed a treat and certainly missed some great performances by some of our ... [read more]

New U23 Coach selected

Three went for interview, one was picked. Many, including me, were predicting Paul Darby Dowman was a shoein for this job but it proved not to be the case, instead the job was given to ... [read more]

marathon Nationals

This weekend sees the National Marathon Champs at Longridge. This offers a great opportunity for the recently selected Worlds team to get in some reasonably high level competition especially as ... [read more]

200m racing in 2012

The ICF/IOC have announced that the Olympic programme will now include 200m racing. Out goes mens 500m racing! This is a masive change to make with just 3 years to go and it will be very ... [read more]

Elmbridge Assessment Race

Yesterday saw the final assment event before the World Marathon Championships in Crestuma, Portugal. Without a doubt it was the highest quality racing we have seen all year and looks a lot more ... [read more]

Circumnavigation of Austrailia

Many of you will have seen the disturbing documentary on the fatal attempt to paddle from Australia to New Zealand. It seems some people are wired very differently to others! A similar ... [read more]

Medway Marathon

Perhaps a slightly obscure race as it is not part of the Hasler series this event, due to its length (18 miles) and its position in the callendar has become somewhat a testing ground for those ... [read more]

New Under 23 Coach
With the recent departure of Pete Almasi the Under 23 squad find themselves left out in the cold after their slightly dissapointing European Championships. The Performance department have recently ... [read more]

Olympic Day 1
... [read more]

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