Epic V10 Kayaks

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Prices From: £1820

Athelete Kg Range: <145kg

Kayak Length: 6.5m

Kayak Kg Range: 9.5-17kg

Activity Profile : Ocean Race | Quadrathlon | Adventure race

Stability: 3


Beam: 43.4CM

Cockpit :

Depth: 35.5cm

Hatches: No

Color Schemes :

Available Constructions: Value | Performance | Ultra | Elite

Foot Rests:

Full Plate Plate

Pedal Plate

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Pull Bar:


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The V10 is suitable for all types of water from flat to 30ft swells! Ideal for the dedicated surfski racer but also a great choice for Quadrathlon and Adventure racers. With the seating position so low you get a very stable boat with a very narrow waterline, essentially meaning you have a fast stable kayak.

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Nelo Ocean Ski Viper 2
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