K1 Quattro L Kayaks

Seat Rudder Foot Rest Pull Bar Maintenance Usage Warranty

Prices From: £2150

Athelete Kg Range: 75-85kg

Kayak Length: 5.2m

Kayak Kg Range: 8-12kg

Activity Profile : Racing | Quadrathlon

Stability: 1


Beam: 41cm

Cockpit : 93x39cm


Hatches: No

Color Schemes :

Available Constructions: WWR | F | G | SCS | E




High Back


Ultra Low


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Foot Rests:

Standard Plate

Full Plate Plate

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Pull Bar:




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One of the big advantages of the composites is that they don't require much maintenance; of course there are some crucial rules to extend the lifetime of your boat:

  • Do not leave it in the sun for long periods.
  • Do not tight it too tightly onto racks, especially in hot conditions.
  • Only allow professionals to repair your boat.
  • Never store or transport it inside the cover if the boat is not well dry.
  • Rinse after use in salt water.
  • And treat it like a baby.


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This boat is a pure racer. The third generation of the Vanquish and without doubt the best to date. Taking all the positives from the I and II Nelo have created the kayak that is clearly the choice of Champions.

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M.A.R. Kayaks, Lda. offers you a 2-year warranty on this boat, but it is conditioned by the following procedures:

  • Misuse
  • Damage caused by transport
  • Repairs made by unauthorised personnel
  • Removal or damage of plates and stickers

This warranty covers any fabrication defects on the boat or parts, as well as changes in the materials characteristics.

To present a claim:                                           

  • Transport Damage: Claim as you receive the boat to the transporters (on the CMR document) and to the insurance agent on your insurance document, also you should inform us of the damage, as well as send pictures and details.
  • Other: Send pictures together with a description of the damage as well as the boat number, this will help us evaluate and fix or replace the boat faster.

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Feature Product

Nelo Ocean Ski Viper 2
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